The global gambling industry in recent years

The past 2019 saw a decrease in the number of land-based casinos and bookmakers on a global scale. More and more players prefer to use mobile applications for betting and gambling. Gambling is a field that has never lost popularity. And if you look at the pace of development of online gambling, it becomes clear that this area not only feels great but is also rapidly developing. There is no doubt that iGaming is the future of the gambling industry. The only questions left are how the industry will develop in the future and what ways will find ways to attract new customers.

Mobile gambling: new horizons

To begin with, 2020 promises to be the year of mobile gambling improvements. The improvement of communication standards and the development of more and more new mobile devices have already done their job. Now about 60% of users of gambling platforms use mobile devices. A couple of years ago, the percentage of visitors using the phone was only 10%. Still, the same H2 Gambling Capital predicts that by 2023, half of the gross income of the gambling sector will be provided by mobile gambling.

Online casinos in the UK

Gambling in the UK is one of the most advanced and well-organized industries when compared to other top gaming countries. Improved technology and easy access to gaming content have allowed online gambling in the UK to grow at a rapid pace and reach new heights.

Online casinos in the UK were legalized in 2005, and since then UK gambling has grown from 9.7% in 2008 to 17% in 2019. Figures presented by the UK Gambling Commission indicate continued growth in 2020 and beyond.

Online Casinos in Southeast Asia

We recently witnessed how Macau eclipsed Las Vegas and became the city with the highest income generated from the gambling industry. Even though casinos in Macau and some other regions of Southeast Asia started their business illegally, new players accepted most of the establishments with enthusiasm. Because the internet has improved in some regions, the content has become more convenient for mobile devices, and players have access to cool bonuses, free spins, and the option to not make deposits. In 2020 we can see the growth of the online gaming industry in Southeast Asia. This trend expects to continue to grow shortly.

Popular forms of gambling in Canada

Online gambling is popular in Canada. Since Canada considers to be a technologically advanced country, it becomes clear that online versions of all games are available and popular among Canadians. Canadians are as active users of smartphones, tablets, computers, and other gadgets as Americans, but unlike their southern neighbors, they are not burdened by restrictive legislation. Canadian online gambling is an impressive industry, as are all forms of gambling described below.

Canadians love to play in casinos. They are as many fans of slot machines as the Americans. According to Statistics Canada, 65% of Canadians of legal age (18 and over) will be betting on slots or other casino table games next year. This number is comparable to the size of the market in the UK and Australia. There are currently nearly a dozen traditional casinos operating across Canada, and some 250 other casino sites offer online blackjack, video poker, and slots.

Lotteries are also very popular. A quarter of Canadians play the lottery weekly in one form or another. This makes Canadians one of the most ardent lottery players in the world. Statistics Canada reports that the average Canadian male aged 18+ spends $ 753 a year on the lottery alone.

Sports betting is very popular but not always legal in Canada. An important point to clarify here: Canadians are allowed government-regulated bets on multiple sports (parlays, teasers, etc.), but not singles sports betting. This means that there are no legal bookmakers in the country in the traditional sense. However, the government estimates that Canadians are betting $ 15 billion a year on solo sporting events, so the authorities are considering legalizing and regulating this area.

The tote is a big part of Canadian culture. Horse racing and race betting is the only form of gambling that is legal in all provinces and cities in Canada. In Canada, it is very easy to find a racetrack with live horse races, as they are everywhere. Some tracks are even allowed to host multiple video poker machines or slot machines. Such “revision” repeat similar establishments in America; in Canada, they are just as popular.