Online casino streaming in live

The online broadcast industry is progressing in giant steps. It is difficult to find a sphere that she has bypassed. Following the simplest video blogs and platforms for recording popular games, online casino streamers appeared.

What are online casino streams

YoutubeOnline casino stream gained fame relatively recently, about two years ago, but there are already favorites in this form of leisure. Some of them became famous not only due to large wins in slots, roulette, video poker, etc., but also because of the free manner of communication with an abundance of obscene language. The essence of the online casino stream is to demonstrate the game and interact with the audience in parallel. This is a kind of stand-up, mini-show, where humor and resourcefulness are welcomed. The streamer twists the slots according to his senses, sometimes by order of the audience and reads the chat, jokes, answers questions. A streamer that just plays, i.e. monotonously spins the video slot during broadcasts; it is unlikely to be of interest to anyone. He should be able to capture attention, answer the questions of the audience in the chat and maintain an appropriate atmosphere. And also play for real money.

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Who watches casino live stream

The main audience of casino streamers is young people. Most play in casinos. Some do not risk switching to real bets, they want to make sure personally that it is realistic to win. Haters with malicious comments also appear, but for a live broadcast, this is the norm and even a prerequisite for success.

Can person makes money on streams?

There are three main ways to get streaming income:

  • A large number of subscribers. After streams gain popularity and become regular, a player can start earning on streaming through a partnership agreement with the platform of his channel. There are many different options on YouTube and Twitch.
  • Casino advertising. Popular streamers with a large number of subscribers are often paid the online casinos in which they play. However, their conditions vary. Some receive a fixed payment for advertising, others work on an affiliate program, while others use bonuses and cashback or simply get money for the game.
  • Donations People watch you win money, so they don’t really want to give you their money and rarely make donations. Although sometimes streamers still try to collect donations, and the most charismatic do it.

What games are better for streaming?

TwitchThe poker section on Twitch has approximately a million subscribers, and the casino section (slots) has approximately 80,000. Live blackjack twitch and twitch slots stream are very popular among subscribers. Although the poker section has a larger audience, it does not have many active viewers, and the casino section is slowly catching up with it.

So, it can be noticed, that despite poker slots live stream (but they also like baccarat), roulette live stream, twitch slots stream also famous among games.

How to be a good streamer?

For starters, it would be nice to create separate profiles on social networks with the same name as in the streams. Update them regularly and always announce your streams there. Here are a few more things that can help you get started on your streamer career:

  • Be natural or think over your image.
  • Set up your profile and post as much information as possible about yourself.
  • Do not use bots to increase the number of viewers.
  • Use Twitch, because there are tens of millions of daily users, which makes other websites almost irrelevant.
  • Attend events and chat with other popular streamers to share ideas and get community recognition.
  • Always pay attention to what viewers see on the screen.