Best Online Casino Podcasts in Canada

Knowledge is a power, and official podcast Casino Royale and other pods are a powerful source of information for various gamblers. Everyone can easily find what he or she is looking for — from casual talk shows about poker champions to horse racing strategy discussions.

Not to be overwhelmed with dozens of links on the internet, here is a top list of efficient and top-notch podcasts — that’s what you else need to stay up in arms in the modern casino biz.

Tips and Tricks Shows

If you are first-time players, you just can’t miss a chance to get a deeper insight into the games’ peculiarities, and the learning curve may be more pleasant with professional recommendations. Online podcasts will help you be involved into your daily routine duties and get educated:

  • Gambling with an Edge — if you would like to discover the world of gaming as it is, this show by Richard Munchkin, a known gambler in the industry, have all the chances to become your lifesaver. Fifty-minute episodes are held in the form of dialogues between the interviewer and invited guests.
  • Poker Stories — customers’ feedback allows us to conclude the following: that is the right shot for the podcast bestie. It is better once to experience on your own, so feel free to visit the web.

Sports Betting Podcasts

It is an excellent deal to combine hobbies. It is a common thing nowadays to meet a football or basketball fan who adores placing stakes on their favorite matches. The following resources will be helpful if you are in the club:

  • Behind the Bets — this project releases two podcasting series per week. The ESPN Radio experts will guide you through the fascinating world of Vegas sports events and betting.
  • Sports Gambling Podcast — this is one of the pioneers in the field and has been on the fly since 2011. Apart from analyzing the tournaments’ flow of different leagues, the channel’s specialists also provide a lot of information about odds and handicapping, as well as other good betting tricks.

Lifestyle Shows

Why so serious? Customers will hardly ever have a single moment bored if they subscribe to the next channels:

  • Vice Lounge Online — it is a must for those who would like to explore land-based slots in the comfortable home. From the best casinos to attend to travel recommendations — it has never been easier to be well-prepared for an adventure time.
  • Seven out Gambling, Poker, and Casino Podcast — Big Joe and Vinny Chenz are heroes of this gem. Their sense of humor and chic charisma will definitely attract your attention. Blogs are dropped twice a month, so you will have a chance to check something else meantime.

The Best in Online Gaming

Taking into account the number of non-offline establishments isn’t likely to ever reduce, it is a nice idea to get access to the breaking news to be aware of the latest events and developments first:

  • Online Casinos Verified — ten-minute episodes will suit those who don’t have enough time for listening to long videos.
  • The Blackjack Apprenticeship — one of the most popular gambling activities around the world is easy to learn. But be careful: it’s not that simple to master it. So check the tested and functional strategies and spend time having fun with this channel.

Best Online Casinos Reviews websites

  •  – For more than 8 years the BNC team has been reviewing various online casinos. The team is a specialist in Australia and Canada
  •   – List of the best online casinos based on SoftSwiss (Direx, Dama) platform.
  •–  The site is owned by a team of Swedish casino streamers – CasinoDaddy. The site is made very high quality and is constantly replenished with large wins in online casinos
  • The team reviews online casinos. A feature of the project is the ability to leave a review about the casino.